Need To Hire a Maid in Manhattan?

Maid Services in Manhattan

Between office work, driving the kids to school, doing the groceries… it takes up a lot of your time, not to mention visits to family members, friends, etc.., It’s hard to find time to take care of the house.

Result: The dust builds u as well as the laundry piled board and your children are gradually running out of underwear! The situation becomes impossible to manage and it is time to consider using a house maid.
Maid Services in Manhattan
And yes, to call someone for household chore assistance is often necessary and you will finally feel better at home. Several studies have indeed shown that a clean and tidy house brought a more relaxed state of mind.
Maid Services in Manhattan

However, to use the services of a maid may pose a lot of questions in your head:

Can I trust a person who will inevitably enter the place that is most dear to me (my home)?
Should we hide all the valuables of the house?
How do I know if this person will work well and will keep up with the time agreed?
Will this person agree to work according to my recommendations?
What will happen if that person has an accident while working?
Is it essential that the person be declared?
Is it better that I am present when that person will clean?

The answers to these questions follow below, with tips and tricks useful goods.

1) To open your home to someone unknown inevitably involves a degree of confidence. This is the first barrier to overcome is often the most difficult step to take when you want to use the services of a house maid.

There are several options that will allow you overcome this first obstacle:

First try to check with your neighbors and the house maid they hired. If they are happy with the services of that person, ask them if you can contact them to see if it would be possible to come and work for you. Word of mouth is so valuable and if the person did a good job with someone and it appears to be trusted why would it be any different with you?

Many companies offering services to individuals are available in our country. To use this type of company has the advantage because the maid will be declared and remedies are possible in case of trouble.
Why not visit of one of its offices and analyze their services, what are the rates, guarantees and check Cancellation of contract in case of dissatisfaction with the service.  (You can ask for a new house maid if you’re not satisfied with the first one they assigned to you).

If you decide to use the services of their company let them know your demands. You are a customer and you have the right to directly state your expectations from the person who will work for you. If you feel uncomfortable, ask the person directly responsible to send you the best house maid of his company.
Be observant to the proposed contract and do not accept the contract if unfortunately you are forced to continue to employ the person even if it does not suit your needs. Say that you want to first give it a try before you commit fully to the person who will be sent.

2) It is important to estimate the time required for the services that you ask the maid.

Be realistic; do not expect a maid that cleans your entire home in four hours as you've never succeeded in less than 8 hours. It is therefore important to estimate the time needed for required tasks and calculate the budget you have for hiring a maid.

3) What tasks can you ask your maid?

In principle, all tasks that relate to the interior home maintenance may be required. Depending on the type of contract, cleaning of windowsmight not be included. Therefore it’s important to learn the scope of cleaning services. It is essential that you establish a schedule showing the kind of tasks you want to accomplish. Make a clear list of what your maid is supposed to clean and how long must be spent to do that task. Should the maid always clean the whole house?Or just clean a particular area of the house? Should the maid clean the inside of cabinets or not and if so what frequency, etc.. All this should be well prepared and then discussed with the house maid.

4) If you have very specific habits that are important to you, it may be wise to write a note about it and let the house maid know. (Example: red sponge for bathroom, green for kitchen sinks ...)

5) Involve all family members to prepare for the arrival of the house maid. For example, ask your children to tidy their room before the passage of the maid so that it can be cleaned properly. It is certain that the maid must spend nearly four hours to put all the toys, paper towels, left by your children; it will be wasted for a real house cleaning time. Everyone should make an effort.

6) Meeting the house maid

With your guide, let the house maid visit the house, show him the rooms where you want him to work and ask him if he has any questions. Show all materials made available with it and see if it suits him (it may be necessary to purchase a product they want to use). Show him the cleaning schedule you prepared and see if everything is clear.

At first, it may be worthwhile to stay at home so he can call you if necessary. This will also allow you to assess the work done and learn to gradually trust the person.

Then, depending on your assessments and evaluation, you can now arrange with the house maid on what time they could come to your house and do the cleaning. We personally do not recommend having a spare key to be given to the housekeeper for long periods.

If unfortunately after a few tries you did not find the maid that suited you, it can sometimes be worth a day reduce their working time (full-time switch to a per hour cleaning service) or request a new house maid from the company. Sometimes it will take a few trials before you can finally find the house maid that is suited for you.
Maid Services in Manhattan

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